Fix ‘iPad is disabled’

If you enter the passcode wrong on your device too many times, it can permanently disable the device. The initial ‘iPad is disabled’ message resets in one minute and will allow you to reenter the passcode again seven times. If you continue to disable the iPad without entering the correct passcode, the delay to reenter the passcode will continue to get longer and longer until the device is permanently disabled.


Reactivating a Disabled iPad

Generally, you can wait a few minutes before the device will allow you to reenter the passcode again. The method is to restore a permanently disabled iPad.

1. Connect the iPad to the computer that the device is synced to.

2. In the ‘Backups’ section, make sure the ‘Encrypt local backup’ is disabled.


3. Click the “Restore Backup…” button.


4. Click the ‘Restore’ button.


5. After the restore is complete, the device should boot up without a passcode.

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